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the OLDEST and LARGEST cricket club in the US Pacific Northwest


SCC Officers






Seattle Cricket Club Officers


Seattle Cricket Club Officers

The officers of the Seattle Cricket Club comprising the Executive Committee, and other functionaries of the Club, are elected by the paid-up membership of the Club at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Rana Anwar, President,
phone: 425-749-0930(cell)

Jack Surendranath, Chairman,
phone: 425-869-8499 (home)

Mian Zain, Secretary,

Anwar Samad, Treasurer,
phone: 206-406-9365 (cell)

Supporting Officers

Zia Khan, Vice President (Social),
phone: 206-794-1165(cell)

Year 2016 Team Captains and Vice-Captains

Seattle Cricket Club will be fielding three teams in 2016. ONE teams to play in the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League (BCMCL), and THREE teams to play in the US Northwest Cricket League (NWCL). The names of the Captains of each of the three teams are below.

NWCL Pairiots
Tehmosp Khan (Gulli), Captain, e-mail:
phone:206-234-3090 (cell)

NWCL Pioneers
Amar Makadia , Captain, e-mail:
phone: 253 266 8741(cell)

NWCL Explorers
Shami Bhatti , Captain, e-mail:
phone: 206-794-3999 (cell)


Year 2016 SCC Representative for US Northwest Cricket League

Mian Zain, Secretary,


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