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Seattle I Scorecards

Aug 25th - Fraser Valley won the toss and elected to bat, which proved to be diastrous for them. They could not get any thing going against Seattle's excellent bowling attack, succumbing to all out 64 in 26.2 overs. Seattle-I easily made the total with a loss of 2 wickes in 15.3 overs. This game concluded the regular season for Seattle-I, finishing with a record of 14 wins and 2 losses. This qualifes them to be the FIRST DIVISION CHAMPIONS for BCMCL.
Man of the Match: MANSOOR BHATTI. Scorecard Pending Aug 25th.

Aug 11th - SCC-I loosing the toss were put into bat. Faisal opened with Bunti with aggressive shots dispatching the balls for boundaries. After 10 overs the run rate was 7. Bunti was caught behind on a questionable call in the 12th over. This slowed down the run rate. Only Hitesh getting significant runs. In the end AJ and Amjad got some crucial runs. SCC-I ended up with 186 all out in 36.2 overs. With dropped catches, loosing wickets, Burrard batsmen scored at a steady pace. Seattle felt confident after Burrard lost their 9th wicket with 35 runs to go in the 36th over. The last batsmen were determined to finish the came to a close end, bringing the total for a win within 1 run with 3+ overs to spare. That last run was not to be had. Bunti picked up the ball, deflected off the strikers pads, with a heads up play, saw the non-striker out of his crease, his back truned, underhanded threw the ball towards the non-strikers end. The ball hit the middle stump and the non-striker was called run-out by the Umpire. Thus ending the game with SCC-I narrowly escaped with a victory. Scorecard Aug 11th.

July 7th - Seattle-I won the toss and elected to bat. In the beginning Seattle looked shaky and lost 5 wickets in the first 16 overs for 65 runs. Steady partnership between Faisal 39 and Mansoor 62* helped Seattle from collapsing. Seattle-I ended up with 195 in 45 overs. Meralomas came into bat but could not get anything going facing Mike's in-cutters and Bunti's out-swingers. Their batsmen fell apart against Naveed's sweet out-swingers. He cleaned up the side with a great performance of 9o14r6w. Meralomas were all out for 70.
Man Of the Match: Naveed Deen. Scorecard July 7th.

July 1st - Kitsalano won the toss and elected to bat first. Things started to go their way as the openers started to spray the ball around with lofted shots and had 50 plus runs in the first 8 overs. Seattles bowling under AJ and Mike settled down with AJ got Khalid out with a fantastic catch from Derek at the boundary. This wicket proved to be the break Seattle needed, as the run rate slowed down dramatically and wickets kept falling. Kitsilano were 127 for 9 in 36 overs. Their last wicket showed some patience and settled for 164 for 9 in 45 overs. Seattle came into bat confident of making the target score. Seattles batsmen settled into an easy groove keeping the run rate of 4 per over in mind. Loss of wickets did not seem to matter with Bunti's quick 27, Derek's fantastic 53, Mansoor's confident 23, and Zia's unflappable 18*, were enough to bring the victory at the 43.5 over mark.
Man of the Match; Derek Searancke. Scorecard July 1st.

June 24th - Seattle-I batted first with a heavy outfield with some of the regular players missing. Seattle only managed to get 140 in 40 overs. Nice steady knock from Manssor(39) and some nice sixers from Amjad(20) at the end. Confident that the score might be enough to protect, Seattle could not get any early breaks. Despite good bowling from Naveed and Derek, Fraser Valley kept finding the boundaries and cheeky singles and managed to get 141 with 5 balls to spare in the 40th over. This makes SCC 1's second defeat (7w 2L) and at the mid-season mark puts them second in the Division.
Scorecard June 24th.

June 16th - Seattle I batted first and managed to put up a total of 185 for 8 in 40 overs. A nice knock by Derek(40) and Hitesh(31) and a steady batting by the middle order helped with the total. West Vancouver I came into bat and had the match very evenly poised at the end of 20 overs but Seattles bowling and fielding proved too much for them to handle and managed only 161 for 9 in their alotted 40 overs.
Man of the Match: Derek Searancke. Scorecard June 16th.

June 9th - Seattle I lost the toss and were put into bat. Despite losing both openers early, the middle order steadied the innings by staying on the wicket and working the singles and doubles on a very unpredictable pitch. A steady 20 by Muslim, a quick 31 by hitesh and 23 by Mike Sachar brought Seattle to a total of 150 in 38.3 overs. SCC 1 was confident about their chances of winning, when they took the field but it started to look bleak with Burrard's openers scoring at will and Seattle unable to hold catches at midpoint the match was evenly poised with Burrard 67 for 3 in 20, but they fell apart facing Rakesh's 8o/22r/3w and Mike's 7o/24r/3w bowling and a couple of great catches by Amjad and Mansoor each, Burrard was all out for 110 in 32 overs.
Man of the Match: Vikas(Mike) Sachar. Scorecard June 9th.

June 3rd - Seattle-1 won the toss and batted, nothing went right for Seattle's batting losing wickets steadily on a wet pitch and slow outfield. Seattle-1 ended up with 104 all out in 36 overs. Seattle was still confident with their bowling. In the beginning, Bunti's outswingers, Derek's vicious incutters and Gregg's fielding had Richmond on the ropes with 5 early wickets. In the end, Richmond gained due to their steady middle order batting and lack of control by Seattle's bowlers (37 extras). Richmond won the game with 2 wickets in hand and 2 overs to spare. Giving SCC 1 its first Loss. Scorecard June 3rd.

May 27th - Seattle-I lost the toss once again and were put to bat. Gregg started right where he left off from his previous innings with smooth and selective shots. Even though a couple of wickets fell early on consecutive balls, Gregg stayed on course and came not-out for 70. Rakesh with AJ batted a steady middle orders innings, hitting a flurry of sixes and fours to close the innings at 196 for 6. UBC came into bat and right away started hitting the ball for boundaries. Bunti though shaky early in his overs settled into the groove, taking out the first 3 batsmen, and finishing with 8o/30r/3w. UBC bounced back with a steady and aggressive batting. Hitesh came into bowl and effectively shut them down with his 8o/32r/4w with great supporting bowling from Naveed, Sunny and Rakesh. It was a very close match but Seattles's bowling and fielding prevailed and won by 29 runs.
Man of the Match: Gregg Morton. Scorecard May 27th.

May 20th - Seattle batted first, with an excellent opening start with runs flowing easily off Gregg's bat. With the pace picking up with Derek's 56 and Hitesh's rapid fire 50, Seattle ended up with 227. Windes pushed the runs with quick singles and doubles, but with Seattle's tight fielding and excellent bowling, wickets kept falling. After 20 overs, Seattle was well in control. Mansoor came in for his second spell and bowled Leg Spin, effectively cleaning out the side with 3 wickets.
Man of the match: Hitesh Patel. Scorecard May 20th.

May 13th - Seattle I beats NorthShore II by 84 runs. Seattle batted first and put up a decent score of 187. Both Gregg and Derek got to their 50's. The tail collapsed giving Vas 7 wickets for 31 runs. NorthShore lost all their wickets to barely get a 103.
Man of the match: Derek Serancke. Scorecard May 13th.

May 5th - Seattle I beats Merolomas II by 24 runs. Seattle batted first and set a 179 run target. Bunti scored 63, Gregg 29 and Hitesh 46. Merolomas had a good start but the tail collapsed and could only manage 155.
Man of the match: Bunti Sarai. Scorecard May 5th.

April 28th - Seattle I beats Kitsilano by an exciting 4 runs. Seattle batted first and scored 126 runs in one of the most rainy and blustery days in Seattle. Kitsilano were all out 123.
Man of the match: Gregg Morton. Scorecard April 28th.


Seattle II Scorecards

Aug 25th - Seattle-II lost to Vancouver Juniors. Juniors elected to bat on a nice sunny day at Lower Brockton and put a respectable 196 [H. Fernandas 73]. Seattle-II, playing with ten players including 3 youngsters, were not their usual. They batted well till the 19th over with 96 for 3 on the board. Thereafter, collapsed and were all out for 108. Scorecard Aug 25th.

Aug 11th - Seattle II won the toss and batted on one of the hottest days. Seattle lost two early wickets for 18 runs in 8 overs. Ashraf batted his career best and scored an incredible 84. Rakesh with his 38 help to get Seattle to 194. Under Seattle's bowling attack with Gulli, Abid and Rakesh, UBC Varsity batted phenomenal and managed to score 163. Seattle won with 31 runs in the 43 over.
Man of the Match: Ashraf Khan. Scorecard Aug 11th.

Aug 4th - Seattle II lost the toss and were put to field. Great bowling from Ashraf and Gulli keeping Pakcan to a low score in the first 12 overs. Further, Abid and Anwar kept them to a low 67 at the 23 over break. Pakcan batting unconventionally, managed to score 146 without any boundaries. Seattle's batting was explosive and scored 107 for 4 after 22 overs. This including Furqan's fifty [3x6, 3x4]. Thereafter, Seattle was in trouble, a batting collapse again. A roller coaster ride all the way to the end. Seattle won by two wickets in the 42 over. Very sensible 31 by Vipul.
Man of the Match: Vipul Shah. Scorecard Aug 4th.

July 28th - Seattle II won the toss on a damp day and elected to bat. A very slow start; 20 runs after 12 overs with 1 wicket. Seattle faced a batting collapsed and were 45 for 5. With the help of Aslam's [26] and Vipul's [23] batting, Seattle managed to get to 119 all out. Ismaili-II used to their wicket knew it was hard to hit the boundaries, took very quick singles and doubles, accelerating the run rate and finished the game in the 32nd over. Although, Seattle managing to get Ismaili's 7 wickets, but dropping a couple of crucial catches, lost the game. Scorecard July 28th.

July 15th - Seattle-II vs Richmond-III got rained-out.

July 8th - This was Seattle-II's first League game. A double header in Vancouver! A game after the Saturday night-out in Vancouver … a disaster! Seattle won the toss and batted first. The effects of the previous night's party were evident. A collapse! Seattle scored 72 for all out in 25 overs. Blame the wicket! Blame the bowlers! Blame the fielders! Seattle could not restrict NorthShore. NorthShore score 74 in 25 overs to win the game by 8 wickets. Better luck next time.
Scorecard July 8th.

July 7th - This was the last Shield game for Seattle-II. A must win to stay qualified for the prestigious Smith's Shield Trophy match. Seattle won the toss and elected to bat on a hot sunny day at beautiful Lower Brockton Point ground in Stanley Park. Anwar and Yatin opened the batting and scored 99 runs after 20 overs. First wicket fell at 104 when Anwar got caught at 20. Shortly, thereafter Yatin got LBW at 67. Then a batting collapse! Seattle were 132 for 7. Muslim stabilized the batting and scored valuable 43 runs. Seattle scored 229 after 40 overs. Brockton-II barely squeaked to 152 all out in 31 overs. Aslam got 4 wickets for 6 runs in 4 overs. After winning this game, Seattle-II is qualified to play the Smith's Shield Trophy match at the end of the season at Upper Brockton, Stanley Park. Three cheers to Seattle-II for achieving this milestone.
Man of the Match: Aslam Khan. Scorecard July 7th.

July 1st - Seattle II won the toss and elected to bat on a hot sunny day. The opening batsmen scored runs at 5 runs an over. Furqan batting with Faisal made a flurry of shots and was caught at 38. Faisal kept his head down and batted very sensibly. Seattle were 126 after 20 overs. All batsmen following batted very well and helped Faisal concentrate on his batting and allowed him to get to his century. Faisal ended-up getting caught at 141 when he skied a ball up at short mid-on. Grreaaat batting! Finally, Seattle scored an incredible 280 to finish the inning. Vancouver Juniors started batting comparably keeping in their minds the runs needed. In the process they lost wickets quicker and were all out at 133 in 37.2 overs.
Man of the Match: Faisal Awan. Scorecard July 1st.

June 24th - Seattle II won the toss once again... Lucky captain! Seattle put Wanderers I to bat on a rainy day... only in Seattle! Ashraf and Gulli opened the bowling. When the first wicket fell, there was a torrential downpour and the game got rained-out only after 4 overs were bowled. Scorecard June 24th.

June 16th - What a game! A roller coaster! Abbotsford won the toss and elected to bat on a very slow outfield. Almost like playing on sand. On the other hand the wicket was very true with an even bounce. Seattle opening bowlers Ashraf and Gulli kept Abbotsford to a low 42 in the first 20 overs. Next, Abid and Aslam bowled extremely well and got Abbotsford all out for 93 in 32.1 overs … a very low score on their home ground. Seattle batted relaxed with 2 runs and over average with one out. They were 30 off 14 overs when all hell broke loose. Seattle lost 5 wickets in the next 3 overs and turned the game against their favor. Hats off to Aslam and what a batting! Determined to win he trudged along with the help from Tito, Wasif and Gulli. He brought this nail bitting game home after hitting a cover drive for 2 runs in the last over.
Man of Match: Aslam Khan [28 runs, 7.2o30r2w]. Scorecard June 16th.

June 10th - Seattle II once again won the toss and elected to bat on a rainy and windy day. Seattle II put a decent score of 151 [Abid 35, Ranjan 28, Furqan 21] despite problems with the wicket. West Vancouver II batted well in the first 10 overs with 30 runs, but then a collapse they were 47 for 7. Furqan and Bhasker taking couple of great catches. West Vancouver finally stabilized and managed to get 94 all out.
Man of Match: Abid Nazir [35 runs, 5o2m8r1w]. Scorecard June 10th.

June 2nd - Seattle II won the toss and elected to bat on a rainy day. Seattle lost 2 wickets very early. [Ranjan 22] and [Furqan 15] stabilized the runs and got to 50 in 17 overs. Unfortunately, in the 19 over Seattle lost 4 wickets. Aslam came to the rescue, he played a remarkable inning, bringing the game to a low but respectable total of 111 runs. Seattle under pressure bowled their heart out. Abid 7o/3m/11r/3w, Bhasker 6.1o/6r/3w. Seattle taking all the catches retired NorthShore in 74 runs.
Man of Match: Bhasker Metha. Scorecard June 2nd.

May 26th - Seattle-II lost to UBC Varsity by three wickets at Trafalgar. Seattle won the toss and elected to bat on a hot sunny day. Seven batsman got into double figures, with Bunti Vikas 31, Ashraf 22 and Abid 19. UBC batted well making hard for Seattle to keep the score down. The game went on to the 39th over when UBC managed to get the runs and won by 3 wickets. Scorecard May 26th.

May 19th - Seattle II was awarded the game due to late arrival of the opposition, Pakcan, at 2:45PM. Scorecard May 19th.

May 12th - Seattle II lost to Ismaili II by 1 wicket. Seattle won the toss and set a target of 149 runs. Ismaili struggled well. When the score was 148, two runs required, and last pair batting, the game was finished by the BCMCL umpire by awarding 5 penalty runs to the batting side...Very Sad. Scorecard May 12th.

April 29th - Seattle II and Richmond III game got rained-out, after Seattle batted for 10 overs and 44 runs on the board. Scorecard April 29th.


Seattle A Scorecards

Sep 8th - SCCA lost to MSCC2 by 4 wkts in the NWCL semi's. SCCA 210-9 [Rakesh 36, Mansoor 32, Zia 21]. MSCC 211-6 39 0vers [Akhlaq 92*, Naveed 3-30]. Scorecard Pending Sep 8th.

Aug 26th - SCC A beat SCC B by 48 runs in the NWCL Qtr final.
SCC A 205/9 [Ashraf 53, Mansoor 44] , SCC B 157 were all out in 36 overs [Yatin 52, Navaal 41, Hitesh 5-27]. SCC A is qualified to play NWCL Semifinal at Fort Dent Park. Sep 8th - 9th. Scorecard Pending Aug 26th.
Man of the Match: Hitesh Patel.

Aug 12th - Seattle A won the toss on a hot 80+ day. The obvious decision was to bat. The batting was shakey in the beginning with 45 for 4 wickets, off 10 overs. Great middle order batting from Ashraf and Gul to stabilize the inning. Seattle kept loosing wickets to maintain a 4 run an over target. In the tail-end, excellent 50 from Vipul improved the run rate. Vipul with the help of Gulli brought the game to a respectable total of 182. It was hot damn hot! Multnomah batted comfortably with a mediocre bowling from SCCA who suffered from supporting SCC1. Multnomah maintaining a 5 run an over average, managed to get the total in the 37 over.

July 15th - SCC A scored 138 all out in 34 overs [B Sarai 48, Zia Khan 26, Rakesh 18, Gul Ghani 10*]. King County were 89 all out in 28 overs [Naveed Akthar 37, Rakesh Joshi 5-15, Ashraf Khan 2-15, Irshad Amjad 2-16].
Man of the Match: Rakesh Joshi. Scorecard Pending July 15th.

June 29th - SCC A vs B on 29th at Fort Dent - SCCB 96 all out 33.3 overs [Yatin 28: Rakesh Joshi 5/21, Hitesh Patel 3/8]. SCC A 97/8 in 8 Overs [Zia Khan 16*, Sunny Amjad 16: Mike Sacher 3/30]
Man of the Match: Rakesh Joshi. Scorecard June 29th.

June 23rd - Portland CC were 90 all out [Ashraf Khan 3-19, Rakesh Joshi 2-21]. Seattle-A won by scoring 91 for 6 in 19 overs. [Rakesh Joshi 28 Not Out, Musaraf Ali 15] Seattle A won by 4 wickets.
Man of the Match: Rakesh Joshi. Scorecard June 23rd.

June 17th - Seattle-A 164 all out [Bunti Sarai 56, Kevin Rattue 19], MSCC 1 162/9 [Sunny Amjad 3/21, Mansoor Bhatti 2/36]. SCCA won by 2 runs. Man of Match: Irshad Amjad. Scorecard June 17th.

June 2nd - Seattle-A won by 2 wickets. MSCC-2 were 129 all out [Ranjeet 27 | Sunny Amjad 3/28, Naveed Deen 2/24, Rakesh Joshi 2/32]. SCC A 130/8 in 39 Overs [Vipul Shah 37, Kevin Rattue 31 | Munshi 2/21].
Man of the Match: Vipul Shah. Scorecard June 2nd.

May 20th - Seattle-A won by 52 runs. Seattle scored 206 after 8 wkts. [Mansoor 40, Rakesh 30]. IndoPak scored 154 all out in 33.2 overs [Sikandar 72, Aslam 3-26, Rakesh 3-27]. Scorecard May 20th.

May 12th - Seattle-A lost to by 8 runs. DrugStore batted first scoring 154 all out. [Kumar Raman 34, Rajesh 19 | Vipul Shah 4-21]. Seattle fought but were all out for 146. [Kris Raman 4 wks]. Scorecard May 12th.


Seattle B Scorecards

Aug 12th - SCCB lost to King County by 43 runs. King County won the toss and put SCCB into field on one of the hottest days of the year. Aided by 8 dropped catches (5 of them to King County's Naveed who scored 50plus), King County managed to score 186. SCCB were batting with only 10 players (In order to support SCC1, SCCB). Although, a must win game, SCCB were bowled out for 143.

Aug 4th - GCC won the toss and elected to bat. GCC were all out for 165 in 37 Overs. GCC Batting : Andalip 44, Irfan 35 and Amir 24. SCC B Bowling : AJ Handa 5/26 in 6 Overs, Raja 2/27 in 8 Overs. SCC-B batting : NavaalR 41, BhaskarM 26 and ShabuK 22. GCC bowling : Shakeel 3/40 in 8 Overs and Yasir 2/31 in 7.2 Overs. Seattle B reached the target (166) in 32.2 Overs.
Man Of The Match : AJ Handa [6 Overs, 26 Runs and 5 Wickets].

July 8th - Seattle-B thrashed Beaverton by 8 wickets. SCCB won the toss and put Beaverton to bat. The main feature of SCCB was an insiprational spell by Rahul capturing 4 for 15 supported by exceptional fielding including 2 diving one handed catches behind the stumps by Ranjan and a direct hit by Rahul. Beaverton was bundled out for 83 but seemd pretty fired up to make a fight of it on their home ground. SCCB started chasing but lost Yatin early. However, Ranjan 23 and Naval 24* took control and basically took the team to an easy victory. In fact the game was over at 4:30 PM. This victory currently puts SCCB in the third spot and positions them well for the playoffs. Beaverton CC 83 all out in 24.5 overs [Varun Juneja 16, Tarun Juneja 12 | Rahul Reddy 4 for 15]. Seattle B 84 for 2 in 18.4 overs [Navaal Ramdin 24*, Ranjan Bhagat 23 | ].
Man of the match: Rahul Reddy. Scorecard Pending July 8th.

June 24th - Seattle-B game got rained-out.

June 17th - Seattle-B beat Multnomah CC by 7 wickets. Multnomah scored 191-9 in 40 overs. [Mike Baldwin 37, David Robinson 33 | Rahul Reddy 3-27]. Seattle-B chased down the total and scored 192-3 in 35 overs [Furkhan Mohammed 75* (2x6, 9x4), Navaal Ramdin 50*(4x4)].
Man of the Match: Furkhan Mohammed. Scorecard June 17th.

June 3rd - Seattle-B beat Microsoft-1 by 35 runs. Seattle-B 160-10 in 40.0 overs [Faisal Awan 35, Furqan Mohammed 31 | ]. Microsoft-1 125-10 in 33.5 overs [Rajesh Ganesan 46, Manish Prabhu 26 | Anwar Samad 4-25].
Man of the Match: Anwar Samad. Scorecard June 3rd.

May 13th - Seattle-B beat IndoPak by 6 wkts. IndoPak scored 84 all out in 23 ovvers [Rama Agarwal 37, Sikander 19 | Furqan 4-14, Donovan 4-22]. Seattle easily cruised to 85-4 in 18.5 overs. [Bhaskar Mehta 21, Yatin Aras 19]. Scorecard May 13th.

May 5th - Seattle-B lost to Microsoft 2. Microsoft scored 175 for 10 wickets in 49.5 overs. Seattle were all out 119. Fabulous bowling from Anwar. He took 6 wickets for 19 runs in 7.5 overs. Scorecard May 05th.


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