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Selection Committee Guidelines

Selection Committee Goals

The goal of the selection Committee (SC) is to develop a reliable process that can best utilize the talents of the SCC. The process will have as a corner stone the player's best interest. In order that this happens the process must try to eliminate past practices that were disruptive and did not provide a fertile environment for SCC to grow. Upon discussion, review and acceptance of the process the SC would recommend that this process be adopted into the SCC constitution. The following are the approved SCC Selection guidelines:

Paid membership - availability - performance

  1. SC members should rotate within two month. Each member shall assume the leadership role for two months as follows:
    For 2001 Season:
    Zia Khan - April Thru June 1st
    Navaal Ramdin - June Thru August 1st
    Charles Benjamin - August 1 thru October. 1st., Thereafter the 1st selector will lead for the next 2 months.
  2. The selection committee until review and approval by the executive committee will consider no e-mails official. The selection committee leader will forward e-mails to the President/chairman for distribution.
  3. General policy changes
    • The 1st team BCMCL Team captain will be provided a list of 15 players from the SC. The 2nd team BCMCL Captain will be provided a list of 11 players, but will actually have 15 players as the 2nd team will automatically include 4 players in the team that are not chosen by the 1st team.
    • From that list the captain is then required to choose his 11 players. This provision provides the captain with sufficient leeway to implement a strategy for each game based on his assessment of his players and the opposing team.
    • In addition to the 15 players there will be a 5 players provision for the first team from the second team in case of emergency. Players identified with some order of priority to allow 2 captains to support unexpected situations.
    • Once the 1st BCMCL team has chosen its 11 players, the 4 players not selected in the 1st team will automatically be included in the BCMCL 2nd team. BCMCL rules will need to be followed so that rules are not broken when 1st team players play for the 2nd team.
    • If any player is not able to play or not selected for next week's game, the captain should get in writing the reason. This should be recorded by the S.C.
    • Players with travel restrictions or limited availability for the entire season games will be considered based on the circumstances following a review of the player's situation by the SC and discussions with the appropriate captain.
  4. Implementation of item (3) will eliminate the need for the Wednesday evening Selection meetings. The SC deems this activity as not being effective if the proposals of the committee are adopted. Note: The SC will continue to monitor the current players and new members of the club as the season unfolds with a view to provide updated recommendations to the captains.
  5. Implementation of this plan would require that the club issues a letter and request that player's list availability and league preference. (BCMCL or NWCL and any other requests).
    The letters should be sent by the first week of March with reply return by March 15. SC then can select squads with the captains and have these announced by 1 April. E.g. If he wants to play NWCL only then the club will use him as NWCL player.
    If he selects option NWCL only but can act as an emergency player for BCMCL 1 or 2 then this can be used to set up players/back ups. This input will also eliminate the normal politics. e.g. players all focus on BMCL and then when BMCL finish rush to get NWCL games at the expense players who have supported the NWCL.
  6. The great difficulty is now how do we select the 15 players for each captain. Here is an example of some guidelines that can be applied:
    • Categorize people by the total number of games played last year based on the "Treasurers" annual report.
    • Ability and availability of players will be discussed and reviewed with Captains and SC before a formal list is presented to each captain.
    • The SC will review those players that have been keen to support the club in the last few seasons. End of each month the squads can be evaluated to address changes e.g. form of player, new players joining, injuries/leaving club, etc. The plan is squads can be changed end of each month only.
    • Players representing the club in away games will have priority for home games when available. This is important since it eliminates areas of conflict.
    • Captains will submit the game statistic sheet to the treasurer and the web masters each following Monday. End of each month the squads can be evaluated to address changes e.g. form of player, new players joining, and injuries/leaving club.


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