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Treasurer's Report






Treasurer's Report 2001

Treasurer's Report 2001

As reported in the final audited 2000-year end financial statement, the club's balance sheet continues to look healthy.
In 2001, the club will continues on its course of strict fiscal discipline by adhering to the following objectives:

a) Ensuring that all member dues/contributions are collected on time.
b) Ensuring that every member pays their fair share (i.e. pay for all games played).
c) Maintaining a strict control on costs by making cost-effective decisions on use of club funds.
d) Raising revenue through other avenues such as renting wicket use, annual fundraiser, and company employee matching.

Dues Structure
The good news is that the dues structure for 2001 remains unchanged for this year as noted below:
Membership Dues - $50
Game Fees - $10 ($5 for full time students)

As in previous years, members need to pay upfront as below:
Total Upfront Dues - $200 ($125 for full time students)
The $200 dues may be paid in two installments by:
$100 by April 25th, 2001
$100 by June 1, 2001

Note: At the end of the season, any unused game fees are reimbursed or rolled over to the next year.

Please make all checks payable to Seattle Cricket Club and mail to:
Ranjan Bhagat
19806 131st PL NE
Woodinville, WA 98072

I look forward to your continued support this year.


Ranjan Bhagat
Seattle Cricket Club


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